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“HighLevel Certified Admins” likely refers to individuals who have achieved a certain level of certification or expertise in administering systems or platforms built on the HighLevel platform. HighLevel is a marketing automation and CRM platform designed for agencies and small businesses.

Certifications in HighLevel administration might involve demonstrating proficiency in various aspects of the platform, including:

Platform Navigation

Understanding the interface and how to navigate through different features and sections.

Workflow Automation

Creating and managing automated workflows for marketing campaigns, sales processes, and customer engagement.


Integrating HighLevel with other tools and platforms such as email marketing software, CRMs, or advertising platforms.

Campaign Management

Setting up and managing marketing campaigns, including email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and social media marketing.

Lead Management

Managing leads effectively within the platform, including lead capture, segmentation, and nurturing.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilizing HighLevel’s analytics tools to track campaign performance, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions.


Customizing the platform to fit the specific needs of different businesses or industries.


Ensuring the security and integrity of data within the platform, including user permissions and data protection measures.

These certifications may be offered by HighLevel itself through training programs and exams, or they may be provided by third-party organizations that specialize in certifying individuals in various marketing automation platforms. Becoming a certified HighLevel admin can demonstrate a high level of expertise and competency in using the platform, which can be valuable for agencies, businesses, and employers seeking skilled professionals to manage their marketing and customer engagement efforts.