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High-converting, growth-driving online marketing like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

About Rapid Active Marketing

Some marketing agencies can promise fancy tech and tools … But their designs look straight outta 1999. 

Some marketing agencies create breathtakingly beautiful materials that belong in a museum … But they’re all pretty face, with no payoff.

And then there’s Rapid Active Marketing: The marketing agency for entrepreneurs who want their marketing assets to …

  • Reap jaw-dropping results (aka, $$$ in your pocket)
  • Run smoother than a just-off-the-lot porsche
  • Exemplify stunningly unique, stop-you-in-your tracks design

Created by Nuno Tavares and Andrew Klepner—the founders of Digital Voltage Media and Brighter Idea Multimedia, respectively—Rapid Active Marketing is a powerhouse marketing company for small businesses that strategically marries form and function.

The result? High-converting, growth-driving online marketing like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

Find out how we can help you skyrocket your sales!

What Our Clients are Saying

More Traffic. More Conversions. More Money in Your Bank Account.

Cullen Talley

EOS® Implementer | Business Coach

“Buckle up. Put the seatbelt on. This dude pushes hard and he’s committed to getting results … Trust that you’re getting somebody who’s got incredible skills, a big heart, and a real capacity to do the work.”

When Cullen started working with us, we immediately saw potential for massive growth—and massive transformation. His project started with a website, but quickly morphed into something much bigger: creating an entire online coaching business, from the ground up.

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Wayman Eddy

Professional Pilot School

“What I value about working with Rapid Active Marketing is having experts to turn to. When you’re the boss, everyone expects you to know everything. But you have to have people who are better than you to really grow.”

For over 33 years, Wayman Aviation has been a leader in the training of professional airline pilots. Their CEO, Wayman Eddy, actually comes from a marketing background—but he felt like they’d hit a plateau. 

We came in and helped them redesign their website, optimize their Facebook marketing, develop new systems and structures, implement a better strategy for marketing their webinars to increase leads and profits.






Adam Smith

Personal Development Coach

“There is no question here: Efficient, capable, tech-savvy, knowledgeable, has the ability to communicate, and above all else, truly does this stuff because he wants you to make money and be successful, period.”

Creating a movement that helps thousands of men forge the lives they truly want is no small task… But if anyone could take on that challenge, we knew it would be Coach Adam! When he came to us with his business idea, we were stoked to help him flesh out his message, create his marketing plan, and start building his legacy.

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Tanya Endicott

Real Estate Agent | Dallas, TX

“I can already see big things happening. I think I’m going to need to add people to my team to handle the amount of leads I’m getting!”

Tanya is one of our newest clients—and she’s already seeing big results! By helping Tanya get clear on her marketing strategy and implement some new lead generation tactics, we’re helping her create meaningful, long-term growth in her business. We can’t wait to see how far she goes from here!

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Daniel Nagy

$1M Dollar Home Builder | Youtube Star

“Creating something is a hard process, but I never questioned your commitment to creating with me and making sure we would get to that end result … I’d do it again.”

It takes a special kind of person to craft million-dollar custom homes for families—and Dan does it with ease, quality, and style. So when he asked us to help convert his old website into a media milestone, we were thrilled to tackle such a unique and fun project!

Ultimately, our work together led to Dan creating a YouTube channel that he now uses to educate people around the world and generate an abundance of new leads for his business. Now THAT’S what great marketing is all about!

Youtube Chanel
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David Ogman

Saving Jordan Foundation

“This has really been tremendous for us getting our message out there…This year, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through our website.”

To say we were honored to work with David Ogman would be a massive understatement. After his 5-year-old son was diagnosed with TECPR2—a fatal neurodegenerative genetic disease—David started a foundation to find a cure. We created his site to provide education, get his message out, and raise money for this incredibly important cause. To date, the site has helped David raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his foundation.

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Amisha Shrimanker


“Nothing is too big of an ask…They have remarkable patience, great energy, and enthusiasm.”

Amisha Shrimanker is a renowned copywriter who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the marketing industry. We were elated to help her create a funnel to generate more leads—and more revenue—for her business.

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Daniela Liscio

Satori Adventures

“A good website needs to change and evolve as our company and the market changes and evolves … Rapid Active Marketing understands the big picture, funnel strategy, and marketing strategy.”

Satori helps people design the perfect mountain or trekking adventure AND prepare themselves to get the most out of it. But OUR adventure with Satori began with designing and developing her company website. As her industry has adapted to the pandemic, we’ve been there to help their site and branding evolve.

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Mike Newell

Multiple Websites | 20+ Year Client

“The quality of work is excellent…I’ve been with Rapid Active Marketing for almost 20 years and would recommend them to anyone.”

We’ve worked with Mike on and off for about 20 years, through multiple businesses and multiple websites. From an online classical radio station to a real estate title company, to his newest business in live and virtual weddings, we’ve loved getting to be part of Mike’s growth! His story is a great example of why our clients come back for more, year after year..

Online Classical Radio Station
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Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Human-Focused Accessibility

Have you ever been on a call with some probably-really-smart marketing guy who clearly got off on sounding impressive/confusing?

Yeah. We’re not that guy.

At Rapid Active Marketing, we’re all about simplifying processes, taking the stress out of business growth, and helping you make money on autopilot.

We’re different from other marketing agencies because …


We value our relationships with customers first and foremost. When we work together, YOUR SUCCESS is our top priority.


We offer a complete, comprehensive take on digital marketing. Not to toot our own horns, but there’s pretty much nothing we can’t help you accomplish if we put our minds to it.


We KNOW we don’t know it all—because no one does! Technology and marketing change at light-speed. We work hard to stay abreast of the most cutting edge techniques. When the market moves, we move.


We understand the power of automation, and we’re not shy about helping you incorporate automated flows, bots, and more so you can make money without having to commit every waking moment to work.

We love working with …

Ambitious entrepreneurs who understand the value of great lead generation and direct response marketing.
People who love the idea of streamlining their processes—but who aren’t afraid of occasionally rolling up their sleeves and putting in some hard work, either.
Business owners who understand that marketing is a long game, that there’s no such thing as silver bullets or magical quick-fix strategies, and who are READY to invest in their business’ long-term growth and success.

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Nuno Tavares

If you need to start getting major marketing results yesterday, Nuno Tavares is the man for the job.

After spending 20+ years as an executive leader at Fortune 500 companies, Nuno realized his real mission in life was to harness his unique blend of experience, knowledge, and skills to provide small businesses and mid-size entrepreneurs with corporate-quality marketing power.

Nuno founded Digital Voltage Media—a firm dedicated to achieving speed and impact in digital marketing. His claim to fame was achieving the maximum impact for his clients, in the minimum amount of time.

Now, with Rapid Active Marketing, Nuno is dedicated to continuing to keep getting bigger, better, faster results for his clients—with the added benefit of providing creative excellence and cutting-edge design, systems and automation. Nuno is a master Marketing & Business Architect that is ready to help businesses explode skyrocket their growth and results.  

Andrew Klepner

Fueled by 20+ years of experience in web based software development, creative strategy, design, management, and sales, Andrew’s approach to driving business growth with thoughtful design is itself a form of art.

As the CEO of Brighter Idea Multimedia, Andrew perfected the balance between providing high-impact, completely custom online marketing assets to small and midsize businesses, without losing the high-touch, hyper-personal experience that put Brighter Idea on the map.

Today, Andrew is funneling that same creativity and passion for online marketing excellence into his work at Rapid Active Marketing. He’s dedicated to providing strategic, aesthetic design and cultivating meaningful client relationships.

Sick of failed funnels, wasted time, and lackluster attempts at online marketing? We want to put you on the Rapid Active success track!

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